The Russell Aquatic Ecology Center is all about the aquatic habitats of South Texas and the animals and plants that live there. Some of the exhibits feature naturally occurring habitats such as the open ocean, resacas, sea grass beds and mangrove groves, while others display man made habitats such as jetties and piers. The largest exhibit in the center is the 30,000 gallon Deep Water Exhibit. It features red snapper, black drum, sandtrout, sheepshead, spadefish, snook, lookdowns, jacks, and of course everyone’s favorite – sharks! The Keppel AmFELS Ghostly Jellyfish exhibit is home to moon jellies. In addition, a variety of smaller exhibits will be scattered around the Aquatic Center, which will allow us to display animals that might get lost in the larger exhibits such as seahorses, octopus, sea robins, stargazers, live shrimp, crabs and live snails. And finally the Stingray Touch Tank, crowning glory of the Aquatic Center, will house a variety of local stingrays, cownose rays, southern rays and Atlantic rays. Visitors will be able to touch the rays.

The Center is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. There is no additional fee to enter.